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Birth Emergency Skills Training :

Manual for Out-Of-Hospital Midwives

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Midwives attending childbirth in homes and birth centers seldom encounter emergencies, but when crisis occurs, lives hang in the balance! It is difficult to remain proficient in skills so seldom practiced, yet pregnant women rely on the expertise of the provider in an emergency.

Birth Emergency Skills Training: Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives, by Bonnie U. Gruenberg, carries the reader from the initial steps of intervention though definitive care, balancing a friendly tone and visual appeal with authoritative and clinically useful information. It is loaded with mnemonics and other memory aids, and is richly illustrated with the author's artful drawings and photography. Award Winning!

Paperback Book (320 pages)
ISBN-10: 0979002001
ISBN-13: 978-0979002007
$36 Color cover, black and white text and graphics.

Dimensions: 10.1 x 7 x 0.9 in
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

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Birth Emergency Skills Training - E-Book in PDF format

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" ... systematic and clear approach to critical thinking, assessment, diagnosis and intervention when emergencies arise. "
Katherine Camacho Carr, PhD, ARNP, CNM, FACNM., former ACNM president

“... a book that should be in every midwife’s ‘ personal library."
Jan Tritten - Founder and Editor-in-Chief  of Midwifery Today magazine.

“Comprehensive, thorough, and evidence-based.”

Abigail Eaves, CNM, MSN

"Amazing!  Full of concise, critical thinking and step-by-step cognitive actions for everyone from the beginner to the expert. ." Phyllis  Block, CNM, MSN

What people are saying about Birth Emergency Skills Training® ...

Birth Emergency Skills Training® AWARDS

BEST is the winner of  


" Birth Emergency Skills Training is a book that should be in every midwife’s personal library. As midwives our role is to ascertain normality, or to help get a woman into the normal range with information, knowledge and techniques. BEST has all of these. Doulas and childbirth educators can use this book, too. Often they are the only ones who will explain situations to the women they serve, this book potentially has a larger role among other practitioners. "
Jan Tritten
Founder and Editor-in-Chief Midwifery Today magazine.

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Coming SOON!
Birth Emergency Skills Training ® Second Edition!

Wow! Its gonna be awesome! Updated and enhanced with case studies, new artwork, and innovative learning tools.  

Coming SOON!

Multimedia Birth Emergency Skills Training ® Online Classroom!

Soon you can take the didactic portion of the BEST® workshop online for CME credit, or combine it with the Live Workshop for BEST®  Certification.

2016 will be a MONUMENTAL year! You’ll LOVE the NEW BEST!

Get Birth Emergency Skills Training® at the B.E.S.T. Workshop

B.E.S.T. Live,with hands-on skills practice, group interaction, and stimulating presentations.

Straddling the interface between the world of midwifery and the world of medicine, B.E.S.T. balances a friendly tone and visual appeal with evidence-based and clinically useful information.   Birth Emergency Skills Training ® is featured on the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) written exam reference list for the Certified Professional Midwife. It has been translated into Russian and has evolved into a dynamic and innovative live workshop. (

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