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The Midwife's Journal is a creative space in which to record not only essential birth statistics, but also impressions, reflections and telling details that might otherwise be lost. Midwives, physicians, doulas, nurses, and other childbirth professionals will appreciate this unique organizer. This 96-page hardbound volume is durable enough to be carried in a birth bag and subjected to the rigors of daily use. Ample, logical forms provide space for logging 100 vaginal deliveries and 20 cesareans, with abundant room for stories, memories, and keepsakes.

A unique do-it-yourself index allows the midwife to easily compile statistics and to find complications and other significant events. A section for contacts and four pages of tables and graphs help the busy professional keep a great deal of useful information at her fingertips. And the author's inspiring pencil drawings celebrate women and children, birth and renewal, and the passage of seasons.

Childbirth is a transition for professional and client alike. The Midwife's Journal bears lasting witness to the trials and triumphs encountered in every birth and honors the eternal cycle of life.

ISBN-10: 0979002028
ISBN-13: 978-0979002021
96-pages, Hardbound


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The Midwife's Journal:

Birth Log and Record Book

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