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 Tirades and threats. Hyperbole and deception. Changing landscapes and immutable opinions. Living traditions and dead animals. The conflicts that rage around the wild horses of the Atlantic coast can be loud, confusing, and downright vicious. Wild horses have lived on these barrier islands for hundreds of years, and many people would like to see them remain. Horse advocates and horse detractors alike turn to research to support their claims, but often reach different conclusions from the same information.

Engaging the reader at every turn of the page, Bonnie Gruenberg frequently breaks new ground as she separates fact from myth and exposes the roots of issues for the reader to consider. She does not flinch from probing

questions: Are these horses wild or feral? Native or exotic? Were Chincoteague Ponies used in bioweapons research? Did the U.S. Coast Guard patrol East Coast beaches with Western mustangs in WWII? How does the condition of lactating mares predict environmental health? She weaves a story of ancient origins and current events, hard science and fiery passion. The result is the most comprehensive and factual reference on the wild horses of the Atlantic coast.

Bonnie U. Gruenberg.  598 pages.


Quagga Press 2015

ISBN 978-0979002038

“I am mightily impressed . . . with your scholarship and thoroughness.” —Jay F. Kirkpatrick, PhD. Director, Science and Conservation Center, ZooMontana

“It is the most impressive work about wild horses that I have ever read. I am in awe.” —Karen McCalpin, Executive Director, Corolla Wild Horse Fund Corolla Wild Horse Fund

“It is comprehensive, a stellar piece of research, and simply fascinating to read—Steve Edwards.  Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney,   Isle of Wight Co.,Va. Wild Horse Rehabilitator

“Applause for insightful in-depth research and presentation, particularly the checkerboard dilemma of the island herds along the Eastern Seaboard. Nicely put into one volume, this is tenacious, collective read is not to be missed by serious wild horse enthusiasts!”

Victoria Tollman, Executive Director, Equus Survival Trust.

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The Wild Horse Dilemma: Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds

The Wild Horse Dilemma: Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds

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